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Interested in an amazing opportunity for your business or organisation to support the core of the NHS?

The UHA are looking for strategic partners in the form of open minded and socially responsible companies, who can help make our continued vision bigger and brighter. 

There are several key benefits to supporting the UHA. Some of these include:

  • An opportunity to be associated with positive stories about the NHS, by extension of association your brand image will also be seen in a principled light.
  • An opportunity for your company to reach senior level staff from Trusts across the country, via the 2020 Awards.
  • Building your company’s reputation as a socially responsible organisation and generate positive brand awareness amongst your customers.
  • Huge networking opportunities at the 2020 Awards. 
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If you wish to speak in more detail about supporting the Unsung Hero Awards, please fill in the contact form below or contact Laura Tomlinson, Relationship and Sponsorship Manager on: 0161 509 1258 / laura@unsungheroawards.com.


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